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Find out how to increase your credit scores, reach your financial goals and get approved by lenders by enrolling into our 100 % Money Back Guarantee Program.

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Put our years of experience to work and find out exactly what’s weighing your credit scores down and let us come up with a customized plan of action to help you improve your Credit Reports and increase your credit scores.

Looking To Build Business Credit?

We can help you build a strong credit profile for your business so you can get approved for financing without using your SSN. Now that is Pretty Awesome!

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Home Ownership, That’s The American Dream

Having great credit is no longer a luxury, it’s mandatory. Every day millions of families across the United States are spending thousands of dollars in extra fees and interest all because of their credit score. And we all know that the Credit Bureaus system is flawed. Now THAT is ugly!

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Credit Audit

Find out how you can get a personalized credit audit with action steps to improve your scores.

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Credit Repair

Don’t let ugly blemishes can hold back your credit scores and cause you to suffer financially.

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Business Credit

Learn how you can build your business credit to qualify for financing without using your SSN.

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Let’s face it, knowing if you need credit repair can be overwhelming and confusing. Let’s talk about your situation and give you all the information you need to make a great decision!

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Utilizing our years of experience, we take a systematic approach to investigating, disputing, and resolving inaccuracies on your credit report to help improve your credit scores.

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Your best credit is our goal, to help you accomplish this we take a personalized approach to your credit by creating a customized plan of action to address your needs. This includes helping you establish positive credit, disputing inaccuracies, managing credit card balances, and giving you real advice and tools to achieve your financial goals.

Business Credit Expert

Did you know that your business has a credit report and scores just like you? We help establish and build your companies business credit profile to qualify for the financing you need to grow your business.

Get Funding Without Using Your Social Security Number

With Pretty Credit you have access to the best financing options available. Using our business credit building strategies we will help you get the financing your business needs without a personal guarantee.

About Pretty Credit

Yes, Pretty Credit Consultants is a board certified, licensed and bonded credit repair company. But why should you choose us? Our passion for improving people’s credit and lives comes directly from our founder, Pretty Washington, whose deeply personal story has inspired others to reach out and learn how they too, can turn their finances around and pursue a pretty amazing lifestyle in “Pretty19.

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